A Letter From Our Founder

Meet Kena

I used to say that All You Are started as an idea while I was sitting on the couch while my daughter slept, but the truth is, it began long before that moment.  When I was 31 years old (almost 15 years ago), my husband became suddenly and mysteriously critically ill. Although he made it through that initial period after a five-month long hospital stay, overnight, our lives were forever changed. Everything that I’d imagined for myself - an exciting career in fashion, a beautiful home, and even creating our own family was no longer a possibility.

From that moment on, I learned to approach life differently and to make my own rules. There was no longer an obvious path or a blueprint to follow. I began searching for answers from philosophy and spiritual teachers, while spending time getting to know myself through therapy, journaling and self-reflection. I read the biographies of those that had faced incredible challenges, searching for pieces of wisdom I could apply to my own life.  And so began my journey to become all you are.

Seven years after my husband became ill, he passed away. Those seven years were incredibly challenging. I was a young person in the prime of my life and I watched the man I loved slowly die. But I also had learned firsthand how precious life is, and I refused to treat it as anything but that. Soon after, I remarried and I now have a beautiful, sparkly five-year-old daughter.

So yes, while I did start this brand while sitting on the couch in a robe while my newborn daughter slept (read more about that story here), its inception was more than a decade before. And while I’m so proud of the thoughtful details that go into the products we create, for me, All You Are is about so much more than designing lovely clothes.

All You Are is a symbol for the unlimited possibilities that reside within each of us. Through our workshops, programs and content, we want to remind you that through every challenging part of your journey, you only become more fully who you are meant to be. And the more we become, the more we contribute to the world around us.

This is a safe space for you – to explore your dreams, to find strength and courage and of course, to find the absolute best robe. 




In addition to founding All You Are, Kena is the co-founder of BRIKA, an innovative retail concept focused on highlighting and supporting emerging artisans and designers. Kena has 20 years of experience in retail at brands like Indigo, Joe Fresh and Gap as well as a high-end eco-friendly boutique concept. She currently sits on the advisory board of the David Sobey Center for Innovation in Retailing and Services and Toronto Fashion Incubator.

You can follow her on instagram at @kena_allyouare