What will the new year bring for you?

What will the new year bring for you?

I still use an old-school wall calendar. Towards the end of a year, I start looking for a pretty one, one that I can hang on my wall and look at every day. I capture important events on there - birthdays, vacations, workshops I’ve either taken or given, and special gatherings I’ve attended (pretty much all virtually this past year). I like the idea of a single place that records the entire year, all 365 days of it.

The other day as I started looking for a new calendar, I thought about how each of those squares on the page make up our year. Each of those days are building blocks, or bricks, if you will, that we build our lives with. With each and every brick, we have the opportunity to get that much closer to reaching our goals and manifesting our desires. Each brick is a new chance to wake up and choose who we want to be and what we want to create. 

This shouldn’t put pressure on us to be endlessly productive and efficient but rather to get excited about the gift that each of those bricks brings. With them we can slowly over 365 days measure where we were and how far we’ve come.

As difficult as this year has been, I guarantee you’ve grown and learned so much. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve evolved this year, what you’ve accomplished, and who you’ve become.

Maybe you had some major realizations about who you are and what you really want. Leverage those learnings now to be more purposeful about where you want to go. 

Maybe you are tired of a general feeling of malaise and want to take things into your own hands and no longer allow the outside world to control what happens inside of you. Use the beginning of the new year to explore what might bring a spark back into your life.

Maybe you already have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish but haven’t prioritized it yet. 365 bricks lay before you to make it happen - how will you use them?

Whether you are into resolutions or not, we should all be into realizing our full potential. That is where the greatest joy in being human lies. Let’s use our 365 bricks to continue building an amazing life.

In some ways, new year's day is just another day. But it marks a moment in time that asks us to pause, reflect, appreciate and make plans for the future. And that is something to celebrate!

Wishing you an incredible year filled with love, peace and fulfillment,


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