What if You Let It All Go?

What if You Let It All Go?

Yesterday evening I was out on my own for a brisk walk in the cool night air. As I looked up at stars, suddenly this thought popped into my head:

What if you let it all go?

What if you let go of your past up until now?

What if you let go of who you’re "supposed" to be?

What if you let go of the stories you’ve told yourself about who you’ve become?

What if you let go of all your perceived limitations and adopted personality traits?

What if you just decided to let it all go?

I realised as I walked that I’ve been evaluating, assigning meaning to, and healing from my story for over 15 years. 

For over 15 years I’ve been seeking to understand, processing pain, and learning all that can be learned from tragic, difficult times.

But I realized last night as I looked up at the clear sky, I think I’m done.

I’m ready to move on from what was to allow for what will be.

I’m ready to let go of my stories around who I am and why I’m the way I am and what I still have to overcome.

I’m ready to stake a claim in my own life. I’m ready to stop second-guessing. I’m ready to take up space. I’m ready to remove the filter. I’m ready to grow in any direction I choose. I’m ready to go all-in on this short journey we have together on this little spinning ball in the middle of one tiny galaxy.

I’m ready to do it all with a big open, generous heart and lots of love.

What about you? 

Are you ready to leave it all behind and embrace the future?

I believe deeply in understanding our journey and who we've become. I believe in giving ourselves the space and time to heal. I believe in surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and expert help to guide us through.

But I also believe that there comes a point where we just have to decide, I'm ready for what comes next.

A new year starts in just a few days. Can you feel the potential in a fresh start, a blank slate?

Here are 10 ways I plan to embrace the next few days as we move into 2023:

  1. Do only what feels good. Say no to any activities done purely out of duty or others' expectations. That includes spending time with people who drain your energy. Ask yourself regularly, what would feel good? 

  2. Spend lots of time outdoors. Feel the fresh air on your skin, look up at the sky, take deep breaths. Remember that you are a valuable but small part of a much greater whole.

  3. Move your body daily. Focus again on what feels good. Do a fitness class, dance or do jumping jacks in your kitchen - whatever makes you feel alive. 

  4. Mindfully Journal. This time of year goes by in a blur. Slow things down by taking time for yourself each day to reflect on the lessons learned from the past year and dream about your vision for the future. 

  5. Find an inspiring book to read. Here are a few recommendations to get you started. 

  6. Book a 2023 planning session. Give yourself a few hours alone in a coffee shop or another environment you love. 

  7. Savor the treats of the season. Fully enjoy it all guilt-free. The key is to truly savour each bite vs mindlessly eating.

  8. Decide what you want to let go of this year. Write each thing down on separate pieces of paper and then burn each in the backyard (safely) or in the kitchen sink. Make a little ritual out of it - feel yourself letting it all go.

  9. Elevate your pleasure quotient. Focus on feeling good in every moment. If you find yourself feeling low on the pleasure scale, either change your environment (pull a blanket over your legs), your activity (get up and dance!) or your thoughts (gratitude always works). You can read more about the importance of pleasure in creating a beautiful life here.

Right about now, a lot of us are getting caught up in the frenzy of the season. Instead, let's slow things down in preparation for letting things go

I am so excited to launch the third cohort of my group program, Be All You Are later in January. 

In our 12 weekly sessions, we work on letting go of expectations and limitations and embracing our true desires, gifts and potential.

It doesn’t matter what we’ve done up until now, what matters is where we want to go. And if you’re not clear on what direction you want to go in, that’s ok too. This program is designed to amplify your inner voice so that your path becomes lit up.

You can read more about Be All You Are here, or book a call directly with me. Join before the end of the year for $300 off.

With love,

Kena xo

Kena Paranjape, Founder, All You Are

PS. Thank you as always for reading. I love hearing from you and respond to every message. Hit reply anytime to reach me.