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3 Ways to Make a Quantum Leap

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels


Have you heard of the concept of a quantum leap? 


The definition of a quantum leap is an abrupt change, sudden increase, or dramatic advance.


I like to explain it like this: you’re at point A and want to get to point F.  But instead of going through points B, C, D and E to get to F, you go straight to F.  


I loved this concept when I learned about it because it was a completely new way of looking at how to achieve your goals and to navigate life. Frankly, it sounded like a lot more fun. Like in a video game (remember those?) when you figured out how to skip a few levels.


The concept of a quantum leap is a bit of a paradox. The term implies a dramatic advance, but the idea is that the effort required to make that leap needn’t be. That’s why a quantum leap is so exciting.


So how does one actually make a quantum leap?  The answer is somewhat counter-intuitive. It isn’t about working harder or doing more of the same. It’s about getting creative and looking for an elegant solution. When I first heard that term, an elegant solution, I laughed. What on earth is that? When I realized that the word elegant in addition to meaning graceful also means pleasingly ingenious and simple, it made all the sense.  


In my group program this week, we focused on what is required to make quantum leaps in our lives.  We reviewed seven things. I’m going to highlight three of them here:


1. A quantum leap requires re-examining the status quo. There are so many things we accept or do because that's the way we've always done them. Or because that's how other people do them. But if you couldn’t do the usual, what is the alternative? If you couldn’t do what you do best, what other approaches would you take? For me, deciding to rent vs buy has allowed me to take quantum leaps. At this point in my life, my surroundings are very important to me and to my mindset. Right now, that means renting vs buying is a better choice. In order to make that decision I had to actively choose to go against the status quo.

2. A quantum leap requires repeatedly taking inspired action. Inspired action involves following your nudges. Do you ever get a sudden idea or thought - maybe it's to call someone, or to post something, or it could simply be an idea that pops into your head. How often do you act on it vs brushing it aside?  When you take action from a place of inspiration, it is called inspired action. That is your inner guidance system nudging you along. Inspired action tends to feel really good. You feel like you’re living in the flow of things vs forcing things.

3. A quantum leap requires being open to receive. Many of us, but women especially, have a very hard time receiving (even a simple compliment!). In order to make quantum leaps, we need to get better at receiving all the good that comes to us. What we receive are gifts, but only if we see them as such. If someone pays you a lovely compliment and you dismiss it, you are basically telling the universe - no thank you, I don't want that. Please don’t give me more of that. As you may remember, I recently moved. It was recycling day and I was dragging all the boxes out to the curb. While I was doing it a neighbour kindly offered to help me. My initial response? No, no, I’m fine, but thank you for the offer. He went back inside and came back out. I was still going back and forth with boxes. Again, are you sure? I really don’t mind. I stopped myself and thought - why was I refusing this gift? Finally I said, yes please, thank you for the offer and let this nice guy help me. Can you get better at receiving? Receive the help, receive the love, receive the money, receive the opportunity, receive the compliment! 


Can you think of examples of when you’ve made quantum leaps in your life? They likely started with being crystal clear on something you wanted in your life. Sometimes we can only see them in hindsight. But the beauty is we can learn from those experiences and open ourselves up to more in the future.


Wishing you a week full of quantum leaps!


With love,

Kena xo


Kena Paranjape, Founder, All You Are