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Keep Your Heart Open

Keep Your Heart Open

Never, ever close your heart.


I read this phrase in The Untethered Soul, one my favourite spiritual books, in the months after my husband passed away. I was grieving deeply for him and for me. I was feeling sorry for myself and was scared for my future. But somehow these words, “Never close your heart” were confirmation of something I already felt deep down. It was almost as if I could have written them myself. Because despite all the pity I was receiving from others, I knew those weren’t the thoughts I should embrace or absorb. What I wanted to and needed to believe was that nothing was worth closing my heart over. Even my own sad story.


There is something incredibly freeing and empowering in actively deciding that literally nothing will make your heart close. That you can feel pain in your heart — you can feel the kind of pain that brings you to your knees, that keeps you in bed all day, that causes you to lash out at those you love. But in the end you don’t have to hold the pain there. You can release it. You can keep your heart open. You can let your heart be free.

Is there something that you are holding on to? A painful thought, memory, or feeling that is causing a blockage in your heart? Write it down. Sit quietly for a few minutes and silently release it. Let it go. Tear up or burn the sheet of paper.


Then, whenever this story or thought hits your heart again, remind yourself to release it. Do this over and over again and you will create the habit of always keeping your heart open.

Make the decision today that absolutely nothing in this world that could happen will cause you to close your heart. That decision alone will help you when you feel yourself slipping too low. This is a beautiful commitment to your own sacred life.


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