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Investing in Your Future Self

Investing in Your Future Self

I listened to a fascinating podcast last week - Lewis Howes interviewed Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist (you can listen to it here). An idea they discussed that really stuck with me was the concept of "who, not how".

The idea is that no matter what want goal we wish to accomplish - it could be anything from running a marathon to feeling more fulfilled in our day to day life, we should be asking who can help us get there rather than how to get there. The fact is someone knows how to get there in a more efficient way than we do. Perhaps that person has done it before or has helped many others do it. If you want to reach your goal, why would you additionally put the pressure of how to reach it on yourself?

Next time you are setting off to achieve or change something in your life, consider who, not how.

The second part is that sometimes this means paying for that guidance or support (in the form of a program, coach or workshop for example). Benjamin Hardy recommends that we avoid looking at that guidance as a cost. A sweater is a cost. When we pay for support to reach our goals that is an investment in our future self. We are investing now to become the person we want to be. 

What do you think? Do you currently have a goal you want to achieve, a change you want to make or a dream in mind? Does your approach change if you consider who, not how? 

xo, Kena

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