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How to Be Your Own Muse

How to Be Your Own Muse

Who do you look to for inspiration? Is it a musical artist, an actor, an activist?

Is it someone who stands up, speaks out? Takes charge and takes action? Creates beauty or creates change?

If so you may have a muse. A muse is simply someone who is a source of inspiration.

It is wonderful to have someone to look up to or be inspired by. But the truth is it is very difficult to connect what makes someone else inspiring directly to ourselves.  It is difficult to take what makes them inspiring and activate that in our own lives.  After all, you are two different people with different experiences, personalities and spirits. 

I have been thinking lately, what if we acted as our own source of inspiration? What if we looked at ourselves from a distance, as the main actor in the movie of our lives and celebrated all that we’ve been through and all that we’ve learned and took inspiration from that? Or, if we’re not where we want to be, what if we visualized where we would like to be and used that future us as a source of inspiration?

If you were the lead actor in a movie, how would you write your story from this very moment?  What is the most inspiring, wonderful path your character could take? Is it to start your own business? Be a better, more present mother? Write a book? Change the world starting with your neighbourhood? Use that as a source of inspiration.  Be your own muse.

Steps to becoming your own muse:

  1. Know thyself - be honest about where you are and where you truly desire to be
  2. Dream - allow yourself to dream. What if absolutely anything were possible?
  3. Practice - do this every day and take small steps towards being your own source of inspiration. 

Be your own muse.  You will naturally inspire and impact more people than you can imagine.

“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.” - Frida Kahlo