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How I Live Well: Natasha Geddes, Good Goddess

How I Live Well: Natasha Geddes, Good Goddess

Natasha Geddes, Founder, Good Goddess (All photos by Kieran Darcy)

This is the fourth feature in our new series, How I Live Well.  Through this series, we sneak a peek into the daily lives of creative and inspiring women who seem to have and do it all.  What seemingly small choices do they make throughout their day in order to live fully and with purpose?  How do they design their days with living well in mind? 

At All You Are, we believe that self-care shouldn't be another item on our to-do list.  Instead, we believe in committing to living well, every single day. 

Natasha Geddes is the founder of Good Goddess, a contemporary wellness product and services brand. After spending more than a decade as a buyer in the luxury fashion space, and having her two babies, Natasha turned her attention to healthy living.  

She dove progressively deeper into mindful cooking and nutrition, challenging herself to create delicious plant-based recipes and explore the power of supplements. Her passion became more than a hobby, garnering the attention not only of family and friends, but of celebrities and followers who turned to her for advice on how to live a balanced life, starting in the kitchen.  Natasha eventually attended New York City-based Institute of Integrative Nutrition and began developing products for her own brand.

Natasha is warm, engaging and truly lives her brand so I always listen very carefully when she casually drops tips in our conversations.

Read on to learn some actionable tips from Natasha on how to live well:

What does living well mean to you?

Living well to me means being nourished in every area of my life.  I’ve learned that anyone can eat “the perfect diet” but if they hate their job or have bad relationships, they are not healthy.  It’s difficult to have it all but we have to remember that we are in control of most aspects of our lives and chipping away at the negative pieces in your life (even if it’s scary) really makes a big difference in living well.

What rituals support your quest to live well?

Butter coffee in the morning (the ritual is like an ode to the morning!)

Working out with friends is a beautiful way to get the quality time in and feel amazing afterwards (wine is fun too but you don’t feel as well the next day!)

Spending individual, one-on-one time with my kids (I have two). It makes them feel special and I love how they are themselves when nobody else is around. It’s a great way to reconnect and appreciate them even more.

Taking time to breathe deeply and zone out (just for a few seconds and not while driving, don’t worry!) a few times a day. It resets your brain.

I love taking what I call Goddess Baths. They are “you-time” baths filled with beautiful products, Palo Santo in the air and sometimes a light medicinal cannabis pen if I’m really tense. It’s the best.

How do you prioritize your professional goals vs your personal life?

This is very difficult to do when you just launched a company but I do little things that (I think) make a difference…I compromise by turning my phone on silent after 7pm. This way I’m in control of the communication and I can choose to check it, or not.

I also try and pick up the kids from school if I’m not wrapped up that day. 

Tell us about your morning routine (including what products you rely on)

I wake up at least twenty minutes before everyone else so I can make my butter coffee in complete peace! This ritual is so important to me, I created the most beautiful products to go with it: The Boostina Organic Coffee Bean, Fantastic Fat MCT Oil and Powderful Collagen. I also make sure to have a big glass of water while my coffee is steeping in a French Press (also a morning must!).

Because the mornings are chaotic, I don’t seem to have/take the time to incorporate any other mindful routines but it’s my new year's resolution to get up an hour earlier so I can treat myself to a meditative morning flow.

How do you wind down when your workday ends and transition to home time?

Every mom knows there is no winding down till the kids go down! And that’s when my bath starts to run… 

Sometimes (nerd alert), I actually find it relaxing to catch up on emails off-hours in order to wake up with a clear inbox.

Tell us about your nighttime routine (including what products you rely on)

I love to make a “sleepy tea” which is chamomile tea with apple cider vinegar, a sprinkle of my Powderful Collagen and a touch of local honey.  Then I get into bed with a sheet mask (love Victoria Radford’s) and afterwards I apply Biologique Recherche Lotion 50 under 8 Faces solid oil, it’s a great combo for my skin. 

I think people often wonder how entrepreneurs balance it all? What they don’t realize is that nobody does it all on their own. What systems have you set up to support you so that you can focus on reaching all your goals?

I don’t usually book meetings on Mondays, I do emails and catch up on anything pending so that the rest of my week is off to a smooth start. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my meeting days and Thursdays is the day Iike to do all my GG Member’s nutrition programs. Fridays are open for whatever needs to be done!  

What do you love about your robe? :)

I am allowed to say everything??

If I have to be specific I love that you thought of everything from deep pockets to ¾ length sleeves to a built-in belt! I also love the accessible price point so makes it easy to gift.