How I Live Well: Haley Bogaert, HB Face

How I Live Well: Haley Bogaert, HB Face

Haley Bogaert

Haley Bogaert, Founder, Haley Bogaert Face (All photos by Kieran Darcy)

This is the third feature in our new series, How I Live Well.  Through this series, we sneak a peek into the daily lives of creative and inspiring women who seem to have and do it all.  What seemingly small choices do they make throughout their day in order to live fully and with purpose?  How do they design their days with living well in mind? 

At All You Are, we believe that self-care shouldn't be another item on our to-do list.  Instead, we believe in committing to living well, every single day. 

Haley Bogaert is a make-up artist and the founder of a beautiful skincare and make-up line called Haley Bogaert Face.  She is also an expert at crafting that elusively perfect brow that is both defined and naturally full (I frequently make emergency brow calls to her). She is also one of the hardest working people I know, committed to building her brand and her empire day by day with a big, warm smile on her face. Watch out for the launch of her first retail/studio location, launching on March 1st in Toronto.

Catch a little glimpse into how Haley lives well everyday.... 

What does living well mean to you? 

To me, living well means having a healthy lifestyle while balancing work, love and life. Something that I’ve learned on my journey is that you cannot overwork yourself. I try to not be in too many places at once and say yes to everything – it only backfires and feeling rested is imperative when your job is physically exhausting!

What rituals support your quest to live well?  

Having a schedule is key for me. So many people depend on me and my expertise every day. Therefore, I always need to be organized and always on the ball -- whether it is with my clients or employees. I also think it is so important to have me time as everyone always needs a chance to recharge! Somethings I like to do are put my phone away for an hour a day, hit the gym, read a book, or just take some time to focus on myself. A lot of the time my energy goes towards making other people feel happy – and I need to remind myself that sometimes I need the same TLC. 

How do you prioritize your professional goals vs your personal life? 

I am constantly working on this! Every day I do my best to prioritize my professional life – I am constantly making lists of tasks that I need to accomplish otherwise it is so easy to forget. However, I think it is so important to try and leave work at work and when I am at home, I try my best to really unwind. As an entrepreneur, I would say that it is probably my biggest struggle – it is hard to turn off from work when you run your own business but I am always trying to learn how to keep my personal life and professional life separate.  

Tell us about your morning routine? 

I wake up at 6am walk to Starbucks to get my iced coffee. Then I go to CORE Fitness for a 1-hour circuit class which really helps me start my day! When I come home from working out – I get ready for my workday. I make a quick breakfast then get into my mourning beauty routine which consists of Joanna Vargas Cleansing Bar, Haley Bogaert Face Vitamin C Serum, Haley Bogaert Face Hyaluronic Acid.  My makeup routine consists of HB Face BB Cream with my Liquid Fan Brush, Tint to Tone Bronzer, our favourite Tube Mascara and my Clear Gloss. Throughout the day I touch up using my White Translucent Powder (to help with shine) and my highlighter that I can’t live without! 

How do you wind down when your workday ends and transition to home time? 

My workday ends around 7:30 (sometimes later). I love to play with new Pomeranian puppy when I get home and then make a list of tasks for the next day. I watch Netflix, read my book and go to sleep! 

Tell us about your nighttime routine? 

The second I get home – I change! I put on my comfiest clothes (like my All You Are robe) and get cozy! I take off my makeup and use Beauty Sleep which is an all-natural face oil. I then apply my HBFace Rose Refresh Toner, Hyaluronic Acid and Kypris products!  

I think people often wonder how entrepreneurs balance it all? What they don’t realize is that nobody does it all on their own. What systems have you set up to support you so that you can focus on reaching all your goals?

For myself and many other entrepreneurs, this is for sure an ongoing struggle. What I have learned is that I have to assign tasks to other people (it's all about delegating!) in order for me to move forward and focus on what I am good at and help the company benefit and grow. I have created a five-year plan and have weekly meetings with my team to focus on my weekly and monthly goals. This has definitely helped me grow my company! 

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