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3 Simple Questions to Frame the New Year

3 Simple Questions to Frame the New Year

Happy new year! It is officially day one of 2023.

How has your year been? I know that may feel like a loaded question. But regardless of what your year held, I can guarantee you learned a ton, grew immensely and changed more than you probably realise. 

You’re not the same person you were a year ago.

This year has been an incredible year of evolution and growth for me. As part of my year end review, I look back through each and every week of the year and note down any major decisions I made, changes I implemented and wonderful things that happened.

Here is just a little bit of my list:

  • Left my full time job
  • Moved to a new home and neighbourhood
  • Launched my first group program ever and then my second
  • Delivered my corporate workshop to over 2000 employees
  • Launched a new website
  • Started working on my podcast (coming soon!)

Then I also consider emotional growth and development I experienced:

  • Drew stronger boundaries within certain relationships
  • Felt ready to let go of my identity of the past to embrace my identity of the future
  • Learned to love and value myself more deeply as part of a greater whole

Finally, I reflect on what didn’t go well or what I feel held me back:

  • Faced some major imposter syndrome as I tried new things
  • Got caught in the “too busy” trap, leading me to feed into frantic energy
  • Found myself using distraction as a coping mechanism

Whether at the end of year or anytime, there is beauty in reflecting deeply on where we’ve been. 

After I’ve reflected on the past I look ahead a year and dream of where I’d like to be. 

 I consider the following questions:

  1. It’s December 31, 2023 and you’re happily celebrating an epic, successful, fulfilling year. What happened during the year that led you to feel this way?

  2. It’s December 31, 2023 and you’ve had a good year, but aren’t much closer to your goals and dreams. Why? What got in the way?

  3. What habits, practices, help and support do you need to bring you closer to reaching your dreams and goals?

The greatest adventure of our lives is getting to know who we are and what we’re made of. 

Pausing to reflect on our past and dream for the future is an active way to honour our short journey on this planet.

Would you like to go through this reflection and planning process together? 

I am hosting a 2023 Dream Year Workshop on Tuesday, January 10th at noon EST (on zoom). Together we will reflect on the past year, articulate where we’d like to be a year from now and explore what we need to get there.

You can learn more and sign up for the workshop right here. 

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life. - Robin Sharma 

With love,

Kena xo 

Kena Paranjape, Founder, All You Are