No Rain, No Rainbows

We All Share This Same Story...

We All Share This Same Story...

Jan 16, 2023

Do you have a playground story? A specific moment  where you lost sight of your perfect, unique spirit? 

For some of us, there isn’t a defining moment. There is just a gradual sense of loss. We often don't even notice it until much later in life. When we've done all we are "supposed to do" to feel good about ourselves and gain approval from others, but it isn't enough. We've checked all the boxes but still don't feel whole.

But in reality we emerge into this world already whole. We are born a beautiful spirit manifested in human form. We are perfection and at birth we naturally embody that knowing.

And then through the human experience, we lose that knowing.

Keep the Noise Out

Keep the Noise Out

Jan 09, 2023

Keep the noise out. Instead of giving all your attention to the loud megaphone of fear:
Focus on creating a strong inner world.
Focus on real world connection with others.
Focus on the life you are creating when you wake up everyday.
Focus on who you want to become.
What if You Let It All Go?

What if You Let It All Go?

Dec 19, 2022

I believe deeply in understanding our journey and who we've become. I believe in giving ourselves the space and time to heal. I believe in surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and expert help to guide us through. But I also believe that there comes a point where we just have to decide, I'm ready for what comes next.