"I’ve been looking for a new robe for a long time. This one is perfect."
Diane ★★★★★
Kena - Founder of All You Are

A word from our founder

Not all good things have to come to an end, but sometimes it is just the right time.

I announced a few months ago that I have decided to close down the "shop" side of All You Are. All You Are began with a single, simple business idea. I wanted to create the ultimate women's robe. The idea came to me while sitting on the couch while my newborn daughter slept. I'd always loved robes but could never find exactly the right one. I already had a business I was running full time and now a new born baby - what better time to start a new endeavour right? All practicalities would have pointed to no, of course not, but I've always been one to let my heart take the lead. I slowly started bringing my vision to life. I let it lead me.

Almost five years later, we've sold thousands of robes, received hundreds of reviews and have been featured everywhere from The Marilyn Dennis Show to New York Magazine. Most importantly though, our robe has been gifted from heart to heart - from husbands to wives, from friends to friends going through cancer treatment, from sisters to sisters who've just had a baby and beyond. I like to say that our robes have "hugged" thousands of women over the years.

Over time, my vision for All You Are expanded. I wanted to directly inspire and guide women to reach for their highest level of expression and expansion. About a year ago I started coaching and offering group programs and masterminds with the mission to encourage women to step into all they are. I know that this is the work I'm meant to be doing. In order to give it my best, I've made the decision to close the retail side of my business (at least for now).

For those of you have supported my brand over the years, thank you with all of my heart.  Thank you for your lovely reviews, for your patience when your order was late (small business woes!) and for spreading the word about our collection and the thoughtfulness that went into each piece. Onwards and upwards, for all of us! ❤️ ✨


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